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The Elves and the Shoemaker: Ladybird Tales


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When a poor shoemaker realizes that he cannot afford more leather to make good shoes for his customers, he leaves everything up to God. The next day, he is in for a surprise when he enters his shop.

Summary of the Book

A shoemaker realizes that all of his possessions sum up to a bit of leather that is enough for just two or three shoes. Instead of worrying, he goes to bed hoping that God will make things better the next day. That night, the most incredible thing happens – Elves! Yes, elves visit his shop and start making the most beautiful pairs of shoes with perfection that only they know of. All this while, the shoemaker has no idea that he has little people in his store making magic. When the shoemaker walks into his store the next day, the sight of the shoes stuns him and he wonders how it could be. Will he ever find out who did him this favour? This story has been told to children around the world and speaks of the importance of helping someone in need.