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Axe Blast Deodorant Body Spray 150ml


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Axe Blast Deodorant Body Spray 150ml

  • Fresh feel Continuous and effective protection against perspirationUnique inspiring fragranceLong-lastingStimulates senses.
  • Safe on skin.
  • Upgrade to the Axe fever with this Blast Deodorant spray that is designed for every man who likes a signature scent, day-in & day-out.Fresh feel.Every spray lends a fresh awakening to your senses, so that you feel energized & active all day long.Long-lasting scent.The spray keeps your body engulfed all day long, even in hot & humid days or balmy summer evenings. Continuous & effective protection from perspiration.Wave goodbye to embarrassing body odor with the deodorant that has an intense, all-day formula, which efficiently fights perspiration. Stimulates senses.The blend of notes align to keep you feeling fresh all day long and leaves you with stimulated senses so that you have an alert mind all the time & perform best at whatever you do.Unique inspiring fragrance.From the first sniff of your aura to the last minute of the working day, you will keep everybody around you guessing. The unique fragrance of the deodorant stays like your signature wherever you are.

Axe Blast Deodorant Body Spray

For the man with a personality that is nothing short of explosive. His fragrance creates a unique aura, one that inspires those around him. This almost, electrifying fragrance is what keeps him fresh and energized all day long. A fragrance that revives all his senses and helps him standout wherever he goes.

From Axe:

Be sharp. Be bold. Be the man from her dreams. We pride ourselves as the creators of irresistible fragrances. Fragrances that not only smell good but also keep you fresh, clean and confident. This range of deodorants provide longer lasting protection that goes on from party, to after party, to after the after party.